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優美時尚  賢淑溫婉  典雅端莊

Exquisite fashion  Virtuous gentleness  Dignified elegance


MISSUYA brand was founded in 2011. It began with supply of traditional Chinese Clothing, namely classic Qipao (Cheongsam), modern Qipao, Chinese dress, Chinese Top, Mandarin Coat & Jacket, Tangsuit, and so on.

On September 19, 2011, an internet portal www.missuya.com was opened to house this brand, MISSUYA is also used as online store name which currently sells clothing, beauty, cosmetics and personal care items.



2011年9月19日,我們開設網站 www.missuya.com 來容納該品牌, MISSUYA 同時也被用作網上商店名稱,目前銷售服裝、美容、化妝品和個人護理用品。