Order: Online Shopping 綫上訂購


Shopping Online @ www.missuya.com 
  1. Click “Add to cart” button on the products (and Size if any) you wish to purchase.
  2. In Shopping Cart click “Continue Shopping” to continue add other products into the cart or click “Checkout” to proceed your payment for the products.
  3. You'll reach a log in page where you need to log in your account using your Username and Password. If you don't have an account created yet, it is advisable that you register an email account before proceeding your payment. With this you earn Reward Points, and you may go to your account again if you are unable to complete you payment within the stipulated time especially credit card payment.
  4. You'll need to confirm your shipping address on the “Delivery Details” page and click “Continue” button.
  5. From here, you need to select your shipping methods and click “Continue” button.
  6. Next you'll need to choose your “Payment Method” method then click “Continue” button.
  7. After all the above steps, click “Confirm Order” to complete the order.



Order Processing & Delivery
  1. All orders will be arranged by courier service to your door-step. (We do not provide 'Self-Collection').
  2. Delivery charges must be included in the order based on the weight. Please look for Weight stated in each item displayed in our Product Catalogue.
  3. Normal order processing takes 1-3 working days, however we will try our best to process at the soonest possible!
  4. At times there may be delay in shipping which a Notice will be displayed. Kindly take note or contact us should you need your purchase urgently
  5. Estimated Courier delivery will take another 1 -2 days to reach within Malaysia, and about 3 - 5 days to reach overseas destination (international courier).
  6. No delivery charge within Malaysia for any single order above RM200.00. This promotion is only applicable for single transaction and dispatch to same delivery address.
  7. For overseas order and courier charge please contact us at eshop.missuya@gmail.com.



  1. PAYMENT: Kindly make payment at the soonest possible to secure your items or within 24 hours upon receiving your Order confirmation via email otherwise your order will be canceled automatically.
  2. PRIORITY DELIVERY WITH PAYMENT: We shall not reserve the item(s) should there be another customer who makes advance payment for the same. Full amount will be refunded if payment has been credited to our bank account.
  3. We process orders according to the priority of payment sequence, including confirmed orders with payment made on weekends and holidays.



Pricing in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Prices quoted in default is MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)

For currency conversion please check:

Yahoo Finance Currency Converter 

Google Finance Converter  



Personal information 
  • Log-in your account → Click on “My Account” → Edit your account information here.



Forgot Password
  • Click on “Forgot Password?” and fill your email that used to register the account in the box.
  • Click “Continue” button.
  • A verification token will be sent to you. Once you have received the token, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.



Phone / SMS - Not applicable

In view of the nature of online business, we DO NOT accept order via SMS or Phone call. For online shopping and other queries, kindly call us or email to eshop.missuya@gmail.com.

We do not reply SMS.



Self-collection - Not applicable
  1. At present we only sell [Ready Stocks] via Online Store www.missuya.com. 
  2. We do not have ‘physical shop and we DO NOT provide self-collection or face-to-face transactions either.
  3. Therefore all sales, returns, etc are arranged through courier services.
  4. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to this nature of online business and service.



  • Shopper who makes online purchase and cancels without notification more than two (2) times will be ‘blacklisted’ as “Unfriendly Shopper”.
  •  Please email eshop.missuya@gmail.com to inform us about the order cancellation.
  • Orders that are in shipping or shipped can not be canceled.


Should you have further inquiry, kindly email to eshop.missuya@gmail.com.






 網上購物 www.missuya.com
  1. 按一下您想要購買的產品上的Add to cart按鈕。
  2. 在購物車裏按一下Continue Shopping,將其他產品添加到購物車,或按一下Checkout付款您所訂購的的產品。
  3. 您就會到達登錄頁面,您需要登錄您的帳戶名稱和密碼。如果你尚未建立帳戶,您必需註冊一個帳戶,然後再繼續您的付款。
  4. 您需要確認您的Delivery Details,按一下Continue
  5. 選擇Delivery Details,按一下Continue
  6. 從這裡,您需要選擇您的Delivery Method,然後按一下Continue按鈕。
  7. 下一步您需要選擇您的Payment Method,然後按一下Continue按鈕。
  8. 在所有以上步驟完畢之後,您需確認您的帳單詳細資訊並同意本館購物的條款及條件。
  9. 按一下Confirm Order,完成訂單。



  1. 所有訂單將以快遞服務運送。(我們不提供面交或上門取貨
  2. 運費將根據訂單的重量,請查網裏款式所標明的重量。
  3. 收到貨款(匯款及轉帳成功)後,一般訂單處理時間是在1-3個工作日內,但我們會在最短的時間發貨,並會以郵件通知您快遞單號。 
  4. 估計快遞時間:馬來西亞境内則1-2天,海外貨件(國際快遞)則3-5天。
  5. 偶爾延遲發貨期間,我們將會顯示通告。如果您急要購買,請查詢通告或下單前聯繫我們。
  6. 馬來西亞境內超過RM200.00以上的訂單將免運費。此優惠只限於單個訂單,即同時發到同一個運送地點。 
  7. 如想確認海外運送費用與時間,請在下單後聯絡我們 eshop.missuya@gmail.com



  1. 以便保留您所訂的商品,請即刻付款,或在下單後(即收到系統的訂單自動確認回覆郵件)的 24小時内付款,逾期您的訂單將會自動取消。
  2. 付款優先發貨:倘若另一個客戶先預付了同款的商品,我們將不保留您的訂單。已經匯入了我們銀行帳戶的款項,我們將退還全額。
  3. 至於在周末或假日付款的訂單,我們會在來臨的工作日依付款的順序優先處理訂單。



馬來西亞貨幣 - 馬幣MYR交易






  • 登入〈會員中心〉〈我的賬戶〉,在此編輯您的資料。



  • 請按 “忘記密碼” 並輸入您的郵箱地址。
  • 然後按一下〈繼續〉按鈕。
  • 驗證郵件將發到您的郵箱裏,您可以選擇一個新密碼作爲登入的您的帳戶。



電話 / 手機簡訊SMS訂單(不接受)

本館屬於電子商務,即網上商店,故不接受手機簡訊SMS或電話的訂購!至於網購的問題,可以用電話詢問或發郵件到 eshop.missuya@gmail.com.



  1. 本館目前只在線上銷售-網店 www.missuya.com,屬於[現貨]網店。
  2. 暫時沒有實體店鋪,亦沒有提供‘見面交貨’或‘上門取貨’
  3. 所有銷售,退貨等等,皆通過快遞公司,敬請注意。
  4. 如果本館綫上銷售與服務造成任何的不便,請見諒 !



  • 在没有通知的情況下取消2次訂單以上的購物者將列入 '黑名單' 作為"不友善的購物者"。
  • 如果您想取消訂單,請您儘早通知並發郵件到 eshop.missuya@gmail.com 。
  • 已發出或運送途中的貨件將不能取消。



如果您有任何詢問,請用郵件聯係我們 eshop.missuya@gmail.com.