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10ml Peppermint Oil 薄荷精油
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Brand Rosary
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  • Vitalizing
  • refreshing
  • cooling
  • calming

Peppermint Essentail Oil 

Mentha arvensis  (leaves of herb)  

Brand Rosary Aromatherapy Stimulating
Aroma Fresh, strong menthol aroma.   Volume 10ml
Effects Cooling and calming especially when brain exhausted. Weight 100g




Botanical Name: Mentha piperita / Mentha arvensis
Extraction Method: Steam distilled from the fresh or partly dried plant.
Colour: Clear with a Yellow Tinge
Consistency: Thin
Perfumery Note: Top
Aroma Strength: Strong
Aromatic Description: Minty, reminiscent of peppermint candies, but more concentrated. More fragrant than spearmint.
Possible Uses: Asthma, colic, exhaustion, fever, flatulence, headache, nausea, scabies, sinusitis, vertigo.
Aromatherapy benefits: Vitalizing, refreshing, cooling and calming especially when brain exhausted.
Therapeutic properties: The therapeutic properties of peppermint oil are analgesic, anesthetic, antiseptic, antigalactagogue, antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cephalic, cholagogue, cordial, decongestant, emmenagogue, expectorant, febrifuge, hepatic, nervine, stimulant, stomachic, sudorific, vasoconstrictor and vermifuge.
Blends well with: Although most essential oils blend well with one another, peppermint oil blends particularly well with benzoin, eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram, lemon and rosemary.
Precautions: Peppermint oil is non-toxic and non-irritant in low dilutions, but sensitization may be a problem due to the menthol content.
It can cause irritation to the skin and mucus membranes and should be kept well away from the eyes. It should be avoided during pregnancy and should not be used on children under seven.



薄荷精油 (嫩葉提煉成) 

Peppermint Essentail Oil 

Mentha arvensis  (leaves of herb)  


品牌 Rosary 玫瑰園 芳香療效 振奮精神
香味 強烈的薄荷味。    容量 10ml
功效 冷靜頭腦、特別適用於頭腦疲憊的時候。 重量 100g


【學名】 (薄荷屬) Mentha Arvensia/ Mentha piperita
【源由】 唇形科。主產美國、法國、印度.精油萃取自全株藥草.產地歐洲,品種繁多,廣受大眾喜愛的芳香植物之一.
【萃取方法】 蒸餾
【萃取部位】 葉與開花的頂端
【特質】 無色或淡黃色,香味清涼宜人,強烈,具穿透性。

【香味】 清涼屬性可安撫情緒,提振精神,並附予心靈自由的感覺.
【心靈】 具鎮靜作用,能消除嗜睡,保持清醒.
【星座代表】 雙魚座、摩羯座。
【身體】 對感冒或呼吸道症狀有特別功效;消化不良及偏頭痛亦有功效.止痛、止癢、止瀉、止暈.
【美容】 可收縮微血管,舒緩發炎、發癢,對油性及清除黑頭粉刺有功效.
【適配精油】 茶樹、橙花、迷迭香、佛手柑、絲柏、薰衣草、檀香等.




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