Wholesale & Export 批發外銷

Wholesale – Malaysia Dealership 

1.      Definition of Dealership

  • Businesses that purchase the right to sell MISSUYA's products but not the right to use MISSUYA’s trade name.
  • Dealer is authorised to retail MISSUYA products directly from a retail outlet.
  • Dealer is also authorized to sell to a defined area.
  • Dealer must observe the Retail Selling Price (RSP) at all times.



2.      Terms & Conditions to become a Dealer

  • Business Entity, business must be a legally registered business or company with Companies Commission of Malaysia or SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia).
  • New Dealership / First Order

          Minimum purchase: Retail Value RM1001 and above 



3.      Discounts

  • Trade Discounts are offered based on total amount purchased in Retail.
  • Fixed discount for subsequent purchases will normally based on first order and subject to review from time to time.



4.      Payment & Deposit

  • All wholesale / trade purchase are strictly CASH Payment in advance
  • Full payment is required for specially ordered or imported items.



5.     Delivery / Insurance

  • Delivery and all related transportation cost will be borne by customers.


6.     Dropship

  • At present we do not offer Drop Shipping service.





Export Trade / Bulk Order

Min. Order Quantity: 120 pieces per design (style) OR 

Min Order Amount: RM5,000

Price: Ex-works

Payment Terms: T/T in advance

Delivery Time: 45 days



 For inquiry, please email modestiecorp@gmail.com






1.       經銷商定義

a.       經銷商有權銷售 MISSUYA 產品,但沒有使用MISSUYA 商標的權利。

b.       經銷商被授權通過零售管道直接銷售 MISSUYA 產品。

c.       經銷商也同時授權在指定的商場或區域銷售。

d.       經銷商必須時刻遵守零售銷售價格 (RSP)。


2.       成為經銷商的條款與條件

a.       經銷商的實體業務必須是馬來西亞合法註冊的企業或公司。

b.       首次合作的經銷商需在本公司混款、混批訂貨滿零售總額RM 1001 以上。


3.       批價

a.      批發價是依購買的零售總金額,再提供折扣優惠。

b.      隨後購買的固定折扣通常將依照首次訂單。


4.       付款及訂金

a.       所有批發皆預先繳付全數。

b.       特別訂購或進口的物品,需要預先全額付款。


5.       運輸 & 保險

a.       所有運輸或貨運相闗費用皆由客戶承擔。


6.       代發

a.      本公司目前沒有一件代發服務。




最小訂單量:每款120 件 或

訂單總額:馬幣(RM)5000 以上


付款條件: T/T

交貨時間: 45 天的


 任何詢問,請聯絡 modestiecorp@gmail.com